Consignment Details


We will not be taking any walk-ins during the month of July.
Follow us for upcoming sales and updates, 

We accept all-seasons at all times! We base what we accept on shopper trends, as well as style, condition and brand. We are looking for clothing that will sell more quickly, usually 3 years old or newer, hot brand-names or designer labels (from the mall or better stores), and styles that sell well in our stores.

A little prep goes a long way!

A good rule-of-thumb is to bring your pieces in the same condition in which you would want to purchase them. 

Preparing your drop off, keep in mind: We accept LIMITED amounts of clothing: 40 pieces of clothing per day.
Lay sets together {same exact size} and we count that as one piece {two piece set of pajamas = one piece}.
Make sure you check your items for stains, holes, & excessive wear, only bring in your 40 BEST pieces. 
Place all items in a hard sided container {cardboard box, tote, laundry basket.}

All clothing must be laid flat or folded nicely, all zippers, snaps, buttons must be done up. Shoes must be cleaned, laces tied and set in pairs.