224 East Hughitt Street, Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801, United States


Modern, Trendy, Fun!

Modern, Trendy, Fun!

Modern, Trendy, Fun!Modern, Trendy, Fun!

How it Works


Echo Boutique has a little bit of something for everyone in the family! 

We have a variety of Men's, Women's, Children, and Maternity clothing & Accessories!

Want to make room in your closet or need something new to wear? 

Check out our walk-in calendar to see when is best to bring in your new and gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories to make some extra cash -OR- Trade in your items for in-store credit.

During our set walk-in days, we will thoroughly look through your items & determine what we can accept based on a few factors:

~No more than 1 laundry basket per customer per day

~Items must be freshly laundered, free of odor, stains & holes.

~We buy items by the season.

~Free of pet hair.

~Items should be brought in either a box, basket, or small tote.

~Items should be purchased within the past 1.5-2 years and in current style.

~Items must have tags in them stating Brand and Size.

~Items should NOT be brought in on hangers or in plastic bags.

You are more than welcome to stay and shop around or run errands while we look through your items. We can contact you when we are finished!

Based on our discretion: Echo Boutique will still consign higher ticketed items, such as:   Leathers, Fur Coats, etc. 

We keep our prices very reasonable. We price our items about 1/3 of retail value, based on brand and condition. You will receive a percentage of Echo Boutique's selling price on each item. Typically you will receive 30-35% on each item based on brand and condition. 

If you choose in-store credit, that is usually around 40% of our selling price.

Get paid on the spot or keep your store credit in your account as long as you'd like.